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  NAILS? by Jade Amore Nails Weymouth,

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Alrewas DIRECT Cars-Taxis

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We are Now in August Yes! Folks August is Here, I  hope you are all enjoying Our  Holiday Months, What a Lot we Got Rain & More Rain. BUT let’s look on the Bright side, Yes there is always a bright side, as the song goes along with sunshine you’ve got to have a little rain sometime, we English wouldn’t have anything to talk about if we didn’t have the weather, well not all of us, and really I don’t mind a little rain, our gardens need it ect.I think we will have a Glorious September and October. The thing is when you get older Health is the most important thing you need.

With that in mind many of you would like to get way for week or 2 to go visit family, or friends, go to your favourite seaside town, but don’t want to travel on trains or Buses,? it’s such a Hassle, So Alrewas Direct Cars May be Just what you are looking for Reliable Private Hire at Affordable prices Luxury Cars to all major UK Airports, Train Stations,

Tel Mark  01283 790373  Mobile 07588 180524 we are Local in Alrewas, Keep it Local.

To all UK Airports-Seaports, Evenings and Days Out,Corporate Meetings,Meet and Greet, No Jobs Are too Big or Small call us to pre-book or for prices.

Hope to see You Soon Mark,

Tel 01283 790373 -Mobile 07588 180524 we are Local in Alrewas, Keep it Local.
We also take chip and pin Debit and Credit cards in Car for Your Convenience
Professional Licensed CRB Checked Drivers

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Amore Nails Weymouth by Jade


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Whether you’re going on Holiday, Anniversary meal,

Party, Wedding, a Gift to make someone know they are Special,

Anytime at all You will feel and Look Fabulous with

 Amore Nails By Jade,

53,Dorchester Rd Weymouth.

Call Jade & Book Tel.07572182135


Whatever the occasion  feel and Look Glamorous with our fabulous gel glitter

Nails WOW! such a grand selection.

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Alrewas Direc Cars-Taxis

Well today has been wonderful Summer is almost here! time to be thinking about holidays long or short breaks, if its abroad we can take you to any Airport or Seaport in UK.
How about Visiting your children and grandchildren, family or friends here in England. Or book your holidays at your favourite Seaside resort Weymouth, Bournemouth, we can take you anywhere in UK, No need for you to have the Hassle of driving, or going by bus or train do it in Style and comfort.
Your very Own Professional Licensed CRB Checked Driver, will pick you up at your door get your bags in the Big boot of our Luxury cars, which have loads of space luxury comfortable reclining seats, lots of leg room and Air con and take you (with ample stops you choose) to the Location you have chosen.
When your holiday is over you will be picked up and brought home to your door.
Reliable Private Hire at affordable prices to all major UK Airports, Train To all UK Seaports, Corporate Meetings, Evenings and Days Out, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Call us to pre-book or for prices.
Tel. Mark 01283 790373 or Mobile 07588 180524         Remember You only pay on the Day you Travel in car by cash or Card  machine.



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Alrewas Direct Cars/taxis-Only Pay on day You Travel

You Only Pay on the Day You Go* in car, Cash or Card* Tel. Mark 01283790373
Good Morning to you all, hope you have a lovely joy filled weekend, I’ve had a busy week as usual with my fantastic customers old and New, Thanks your custom is always appreciated.
If you need me Call me, please Book in early if you’re going on Holiday, be it Business, Pleasure, Long Journeys or short in UK to all Airports-Seaports, we can take you in Comfort and style Luxury Cars, Big boots, Fully insured, we pick you up from the door, so why have the hassle of driving yourself or going by train, Relax book in with us for the Date-Day-Time you Need, then RELAX we will be there on time for you, Professional Licensed CRB Checked Drivers, call us to pre-book or for prices and to book Tel 01283 790373 Mobile 07588 180524
Regards Mark.
Alrewas Direct Cars


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Direct Alrewas Cars/Taxis

 Mark, Tel. 01283 790373  Mobile 07588 180524     -You Only Pay on the Day You Travel!

Well Sun Has finally come out! It has rained some today here in Alrewas. Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I have been busy as usual taking care of my  customers, a lot have been travelling abroad on Holidays, and my Business and Corporate customers to airports who travel abroad on business, but I still always manage to take my customers that need to keep hospital or Opticians appointments also customers who go out in the evenings for a meal or drink, I truly appreciate your custom and always look forward to seeing you all again. I have really Marvellous customers.

 Thank You all Best Wishes Mark.

Call us to Book or  pre-book or for prices.

On Time Every Time! Day or Night weve got You Covered

Professional Licensed CRB Checked Drivers

we do it better because we care

Alrewas Direct Cars You will always get us on the Telephone,Tel. 01283 790373  Mobile 07588 180524

Whatever Your Needs.  Reliable Luxury Private Hire Cars Taxi at affordable prices to

All major UK Airports,To all UK Seaports, Corporate Meetings, Train Stations, Bus Stations,

Evenings and Days Out. call us to pre-book or for prices. Tel 01283 790373 Mobile 07588 180524


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 Thinking of Going on Holiday! Call Now 01283 79037  – or Mobile 07588 180524

Corporate Meetings!

We will take you to corporate meetings no matter how far or near.

Alrewas DIRECT Cars-Taxis

Tel. Mark 01283 790373 Mobile 07588 180524   You Only Pay on the day You Travel*

Book Early to get Date & Time You want to travel*
There is nothing Quite Like Getting Up early, birds singing, fresh air in your lungs as the cold air hits you as you  step outside, the Great British Weather
! it also makes your days seem longer when you get up early.
There is some lovely country side here in and near Alrewas, and Alrewas is a superb little Village.                                              

What makes it so great?  it’s the people who live here, so friendly and kind, yes I like living here  and enjoy my  work,                 it may going to an Airport, or a Seaport near or far anywhere in the UK,  it Could be someone going to a Corporate Meeting

or a Business trip,   or it may be a visit to family or friends in the South West, or London, anywhere in UK.    

It may be to a hospital appointment, or to the opticians’ or dentist, whatever Your Needs.

Every day I have the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people, Existing Customers also New ones,

and taking them to their destination. Thank You everyone, your custom it is appreciated

I look forward to taking You on your next journey.

Call us to pre-book or for prices. Tel 01283 790373 Mobile 07588 180524

Regards Mark
Alrewas DIRECT Cars

Professional Licensed CRB Checked Drivers

  We also take chip and pin Debit and Credit cards


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